Ravi Sudha

A musical exploration of Tagore's songs through classical Hindustani and Carnatic music.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ravi Sudha - towards universal peace

Dear Rasika,

Team Sahaj Padma welcomes you to our new project, Ravi Sudha, an interpretation of Tagore’s songs in a new light of music.

Tagore’s songs or Rabindrasangeet as we know today is an established genre of music with a distinct & characteristic style of its own. Rich and colorful, somber and sublime and thought provoking; his songs have been a constant companion for many of us.

Tagore took inspiration came from diverse genres, ranging from Indian folk music, to classical Hindustani and Carnatic music, even Irish and Scottish folk songs.

Ravi Sudha, brings you some of these special Tagore songs songs to represent the different places Tagore gleaned inspiration from. We decided to go back to these roots and explore them musically in an attempt to get a glimpse of the original genre or style which the song is based upon. We have chosen six styles:
  • Dhrupad (Hindustani)
  • Kirtan (Bengali Folk)
  • Tappa (Hindustani)
  • Carnatic
  • Scottish Folk/ Waltz
  • Kheyal (Hindustani)
and explored their corresponding Tagore songs, and tried to bring about the flavor of the original tunes, attributes & nuances characteristic of each style.

Performance on 8th January 2011, IIT Kharagpur

The project Ravi Sudha, which is a dream fusion of Indian classical music and Rabindrasangeet, is to be released in a music album with subsequent music launch conecrts in India & abroad. Our pre-launch premiere happened at the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of IIT Kharagpur. We performed six melodies in song and dance technique in the 8th Global Annual Alumni Association Meet held for the prestigious event. The musical team comprises of :

Concept, Artistic Direction, Recitation & Script

A trained architect & a corporate consultant by profession, Mirajur has always harboured a keen interest in art, design, music and dance. After post-graduating from IIT Kharagpur, Mirajur decided to have a parallel life apart from his professional career and since then has been foraying into the realms of classical dance, organising/ conceptualising festivals and shows. Mirajur has been trained in Odissi under Guru Shramila Biswas. Mirajur conceptualised the theme and story of Uttarayan (refer previous-post) and directed the succesful dance-theatre that had been staged in several cities across India.

In Ravi Sudha, Mirajur, conceptulased the theme, got together the musical team, is the overall creative design head and organiser of the project. Mirajur, has floated the non-commercial young initiative, Sahaj Padma - The Humble Lotus, that is currently formed of a team of talented musicians from Kolkata.

Music Direction & Sitar Player

A young and budding sitar player, Rohan has learnt music under Pt.Harashankar Bhattacharya for 15 years. He is also training occasionally under Padma Bhusan Ustad Abdul Halim Zafar Khan. Rohan has toured European countries (Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria) with his music. A recipient of National Scholarship for music and an accredited AIR artist, Rohan has been composing music since the last 8 years, with several artistes. Rohan has also composed the music for the project Uttarayan (refer Previous post).
Rohan has combined traditional elements of Hindustani and Carnatic classical music with Rabindrasangeet to formulate the musical compositions and innovative arrangements for Ravi Sudha. Rohan is a wizard when it comes to exploring established genres in his own style or perspective. In Ravi Sudha, Rohan explores the popular tunes of Tagore in a pattern of classion fusion heard never before.
    Lead Vocalist and research on Tagore's songs

Shruti has been learning music ever since she has learnt to speak. A resident of Santiketan, she is blessed to have been taught initially under Mohordi or the legendary Kanika Bandopadhyay. After shifting base to Kolkata, Shruti completed her masters from Rabindra Bharati and is now a celebrated performer in the realms of Rabindrasangeet. Currently under the tutelage of Pramita Mullick, Shruti has several albums and prestigious concerts to her credit.

Shruti is the lead voice for Ravi Sudha and has helped in the selection, research and exploration of the songs.

    Script, Coordination

An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Hardika harbours an interest in amateur theatre, including script writing, direction, acting, third form choreography. Having been trained in folk dance (Rajasthani & Gujarati), Hardika loves to fuse elements of dance in drama. Hardika had written the script and screenplay for the production, Uttarayan (refer previous post).

Hardika is a strong support to the group of young musicians and has co-written the script for Ravi Sudha.

Chief Percussionist (Tabla & Pakhawaj)

Arindam is a recipient of the National Scholarship for the tabla. A banker by the day, and a fine tabla palyer by the night, Arindam is succesul in balancing his two professions with elan. An empanelled artiste with the EZCC, ICCR, Arindam has played for several prestigious both home & abroad.

In Ravi Sudha, Arindam lends his expertise on the Hindusthani percussion, playing the tabla and pakhawaj in sonorous beats.

Chief Percussionist (Khol, Mridangam, Ghatam)

Moloy is a regular accompanist for the dance department of Rabindra Bharati University. Having learnt tabla under Pt. Kumar Bose and the mridangam under Pt. Surya Narayanan, Moloy has been playing for the last 20 years.

In Ravi Sudha, Moloy has helped explore the Carnatic elements of percussion and the Bengali folk percussions playing the mridangam and sri khol with equal ease.
    Dance Exploration

A student of Ganga Thambi and an accomplished Bharathanatyam dancer, Rajdeep is a masters degree holder from Rabindra Bharati University.

In Ravi Sudha, Rajdeep has added choreography to the musical compositions in order to enhance the visual imagery offered by Tagore’s lyrics.
  • DORCILIO SOBRAL, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Fondly called Hadesh and a very dear friend of Mirajur since the times of Uttarayan (refer previous post), Dorcilio Sobral is a Founder / Director of one of the reputed international organizations (Centro Infantil e Filosófico Sadhana) working in favor of needy and destitute people. A therapist with a penchant for fine arts, Hadesh has a deep love and reverence for Indian art and culture. Initially trained in Bharathanatyam in France, Hadesh is currently learning Odissi. Hadesh keeps travelling to India to learn the spiritual elements of Odissi in order to use them as therapeutic treatment for the children he works with.

Hadesh is a big cudgel of support for the entire group and has himself coined the term “Sahaj Padma” for the young initiative. Hadesh brings to the table, the humble appreciation, patronage and encouragement which is essential for sustaining the project Ravi Sudha.

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